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Full Version: Keyboard shortcuts
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I am sure i am missing the obvious here but can someone tell me what the keyboard shortcuts are to jump directly to Music \ Videos \ Weather \ Pictures are please?
Ctrl-m --> Music
Ctrl-e --> Videos
Ctrl-i --> Pictures

For weather, you'll have to create your own keyboard shortcut in your custom keyboard.xml (wiki) file located in your userdata (wiki)/keymaps directory. If you don't already have a custom keyboard.xml (wiki) file, create one in your userdata (wiki)/keymaps directory with the following content:

Hint: If you don't like having to use the Ctrl key to activate keyboard shortcuts for Music, Video and Pictures, you could assign your own keys to display those pages as is done with weather in the example above. Just include the additional key definitions in the <keyboard> stanza in keyboard.xml (wiki):
That is perfect, thank you.