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Full Version: SurfCam on XBMC
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When not at work or fiddling with XBMC, I like to have a surf. Maybe not a high priority for European members Smile I noticed in the tips and tricks section a bit about web cams. I really couldn't follow it all that well but I'm wondering if it is possible to actually have a surfcam available in the videos section? and if it is, how to actually do it
There is plenty of surfing here my friend, make no mistake Wink

But yes, that is possible. Though there are some conditions, like the video codec of the camera needs to be supported by xbmc, ect.

The basics of what you need to do are:
Find the link to the cam.
Place it in a .strm text file.
Place the .strm file in a folder.
Go into xbmc and add the folder as source.

There are also some other ways, and some addons i believe. But here is the detailed explanation:

And here is an addon you could look at:
Haven't tried it but i spotted lots of examples and answered user questions.