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Full Version: Latest version of XBMC PVR (Linux) and For The Record plugin?
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I'm running Linux and I'd like to compile/use the latest code of XBMC (PVR branches)...

According to this thread the latest sources are located here:

Is this still true? If so, how recent is the codebase compared to the XBMC master trunk? (there have been several recent patches regarding upside-down Quicktime movies that I really want to use)

Also, what about the latest For The Record plug-in? According to the XBMC Wiki, this plugin isn't in a Git repository yet, so is the latest version from this thread?


EDIT: I did just find this Git repo. Is this the "latest" For The Record plug-in? It doesn't look like it contains the main library code... (XBMC_ForTheRecord_linux.pvr)
You could also use this repo https://github.com/margro/xbmc. It will be merged with opdenkamps report and xbmc repo around once per week and FTR is included.
Great - thanks!
Does this interface and work with MythTV 0.25 ?