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Full Version: Source Format & Video Modes?
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I'm thinking about XBMC for my HTPC. Mainly because someone I trust highly recommends it based upon his experience.

I have a discrete video processor. I know a little about Linux and suspect for playing DVDs or ISOs of DVDs I could set my video card to 480i and use XBMC as a transport providing source format to my video processor. Does XBMC have a "Source Format" option that will pre-set my video output to the source format of the media I am playing (if it's a standard format such as 480, 720, 1080)? I did some searching through documentation and FAQs and couldn't find any reference regarding external video processing.

Ideally I would like XBMC to run at the max resolution of my projection system for the UI then adjust accordingly to the source format of the material I select.


Anyone at all have any idea?
no, it's not currently supported. there is a pull request on github addressing it.
I found the pull and related thread. I just didn't stumble upon the right search terms when I was searching the form before my initial post.

Thanks, spiff!