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Full Version: Username change
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I'd like to have my username changed to TenLeftFingers if possible. I'll be going into new line of work soon and I'm required to not have information about myself accessible online.

Do I need to close down my account and open a new one or can I have my existing one updated?

Many thanks.
you can have your existing one updated - which I did now. But note that there might still be some information about you with your old nick name online in search engine caches and alike.
Thank you da-anda. I'm searching for anything like that. Some public mailing-list stuff might have to remain but there doesn't seem to be too much of it.

A name change from this to "Misaki Ki" would be fantastic. Many thanks if so!
changed to "Misaki-Ki" (with dash) because whitespaces don't work well in usernames IIRC.
ah right - I really thought we had a rule for no whitespaces. Will remove the dash
Not username related but close enough? Sore for OT post.

Can my user tittle be modified from - Fan - to something fixed Like - crazy about xbmc - or - xbmc obsessive compulsive -

Something nutty and a bit lulz inducing, Im not very creative so open to suggestions.

@da-anda, could you post some zappy avatars, the forum one is great but I think its the only zappy type avatar for public use.


Rofl.. maybe I shouldn't have said open to suggestions...

[sorry, never mind]
I sent a PM to a Moderator, before I found this part of the forum, and this topic.

If possible, I would like to have my username changed to: AndroiDad75
If you could change my name to terminalmage, I would appreciate it.
Could you also update my name to tyers?