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Full Version: Speed difference NFS Source, vs. NFS mount in OS
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I'm running XBMCbuntu Eden on an Asus Eee-Box 1501 and I've noticed something weird (at least, it seems a bit weird to me).

I have a Seagate Blackarmor 220 NAS sharing several directories to my home network over NFS. This gives me several ways of getting my media into XBMC:

1) I mount the shares in Ubuntu, by editing /etc/fstab, then add the mounted directory as a local source from the XBMC UI
2) I add the directory as a network source in XBMC, choosing NFS etc.

Both methods work. However...

Browsing through the file structure below the mounted directory is much slower for method 2) than for method 1). For method 2) I select a subdirectory with the remote, it will take roughly 2 seconds for the file list to appear on screen. With method 1), there's no noticeable difference to a local directory.

Why's that? Aren't the two approaches doing effectively the same thing?
No they are not. XBMC uses its own nfs implementation based on libnfs. Linux uses a linux kernel driver for accessing the filesystem. If i was you i would just use what linux delivers. Internal NFS implementation is more interesting on operating systems without native nfs support.