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Full Version: Need Remote Advice IR or Bluetooth
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I have the HP Media Center IR Infrared USB Receiver OVU400102/71 that seems to work ok now I have figured out I don't need lirc.

I have been trying to get my harmony 525 going but I don't really like it and I think it would be better to just have a separate remote for my HTPC.

I am running XBMC (12.0-ALPHA4 Git:Unknown), Platform: Linux (Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS, 3.2.0-29-generic-pae i686). Built on Jul 27 2012

Can I please have some reports of what remotes people are using and there experiences I really just want a remote that I put batteries in and it works.

The other question is should I be going away from IR and using bluetooth? I have a couple of bluetooth usb dongles?

Has anyone done this?
i use a ps3 bluetooth remote.

it does take 5 mins of setting up, but it is brilliant. I've found it much easier to configure than some other remotes I've owned.
I use my "logitech harmony mx 1000" and it works absolutely great.

Sometimes I also use my android smartphone (official XBMC remote-app) which is a little more comfortable than using the logitech. The good thing is, that you don´t have to configure any buttons with a smartphone or tablet. It works over ethernet (smartphone is using wifi and the htpc is using ethernet over cable) and it´s extremely fast!

So if you want a simple working remote....use your android or apple device for that (if you have one). You will love it! It will also work with an I-Pad or any other android tablet-pc.

The VRC-1100 (wiki) is an inexpensive and readily available IR remote that mostly works out-of-the-box for Linux if you enable the "Remote control sends keyboard presses" option in XBMC. No need to fiddle with LIRC and you can reprogram most of the keys that don't already work out-of-the-box, by way of keyboard.xml, to perform XBMC functions of your choosing.
Thanks for the ideas.

Yeah I have been using the android remote in my old SGS that has been great.

I have now got my old xbox1 dongle and remote going for a stop gap had to compile lirc_xbox module and that now works fine.

I have a wii so I thought maybe I could have a go at getting that going over bluetooth.

I will also check out VRC-1100.