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Full Version: Linux - Pi Mysql database versions ?
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Hi, is it possible to share an mysql video database between linux and raspberry pi ?

First I tried XBMCbuntu, EDEN, which created VideoDatabase60 on MySQL.
Unfortunately, there is no EDEN for Raspberry Pi.
So I upgraded my XBMCbuntu from the Nathan Rennie-Waldock repository to the new nightly build, that created VideoDatabase68, a copy of VideoDatabase60.
Then I installed XBMC on Raspberry Pi, first with Raspbmc RC4, then Openelec with few nighties, and all Raspberry Pi XBMC versions I tried created VideoDatabase67, including the latest nightly build. Again a copy of VideoDatabase60.

So, again, is it possible to find two wersions (for XBMCbuntu/linux AND Raspberry Pi) using THE SAME VideoDatabase with MySQL ?
By the way, adding <name>VideoDatabase60</name> to advancedsettings.xml just makes XBMC create VideoDatabase6067 (or 6068) table, so this is not the way to do it...

And, generally, are there any versioning rules for VideoDatabase on different platforms ?
Or is the version configurable somehow ?

There is no problem with windows, new nigtlies use version 68.

You'll have to ask the Raspbmc and OpenELEC people for the date that they took their code from XBMC's main branch. Whenever they last merged code would be the previous nightly build that you would need to install.
I cant actually help you troubleshoot your issue, but I can tell you that it is possible because it works for me.

I have a custom built HTPC running XBMCbuntu. I am running a nightly build from early August.

My Raspberry Pi is running raspbmc RC4, and it syncs with my MySQL database with no issues. If I add a movie on the HTPC, it immediately shows up for raspbmc.

So, keep trying, maybe the key is getting the right combination of nightlies loaded.
If you go to settings>system info on the Pi it tells you the xbmc version and build date. A late July or early August version of XBMC should have a version 67 database which is what the Raspbmc uses.
I know that this version works with the PI. XBMCSetup-20120725-82b31e5-master.exe it no longer is available on xbmc site. I do know that the oldest version nightly is version 68 and that does not work but 67 does. I no longer have the file but I know the version due to my notes. shame on me for not keeping it. I hope some one has it and can share it. Now I know I need to baby my system. ug. If I find it I will let you know, please do the same because I would like it for my backups.

good luck