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Full Version: unity side bar not dissapearing in xbmc
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Ubuntu Version 11.10 with all updates as of 22/Aug/2012
XBMC Version 10.1 Git Unknown (compiled Mar 9 2011)
PC running 2Gb Ram DDR2 AMD Athlon 64 x2 dual core 4000+ CPU.
Built in graphics card. Hard drive is 40GB, media on a NAS

Everything worked fine 1 week ago.
Came to start XBMC from within the unity 2d desktop and that side bar thing doesn't disappear like it used to. How do I get the side bar thing to go away while in XBMC.

Is your XBMC session running fullscreen or windowed mode? Hit the backslash ( \ ) key or from the XBMC home page: System > Settings > System > Video output > Display Mode > Fullscreen
As far as I can tell its running in full screen. In the settings it says Display Mode Full Screen#1
Try switching it to Windowed, accept/save the new resolution, and then back to Fullscreen, accept/save the new resolution, and see if it makes any difference.
Just started the computer with XBMC on it and it all works fine Smile again. Didn't touch anything, except switch the machine off.
Hmmm certainly a strange one. Will keep you posted if it returns or not. Might have just been a glitch