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Full Version: Sound Blaster Audigy SE Sound Problems After Installing XBMC Live
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I recently installed XBMC Live onto an old media server, I installed a Sound Blaster Audigy SE sound card to use and can't seem to get any output from it, I've checked the aplay -l command and can see the card, I have tried using the ALSA setting and even installed PulseAudio and used those settings inside of XBMC with no success. Any suggestions??

Update if anyone can help out with suggestions, I did a complete reinstall of XBMCubuntu and was able to Analog audio out of the Sound Blaster, I went into alsamixer and enabled the SPDIF output but I do not get anything from the Defaults(ALSA) selection inside of XBMC. Any suggestions to get digital out? Analog would work but none of my movies will play through analog.

Any help would be great.

Have you tried unmuting spdif in alsamixer? Try "sudo alsamixer" and take a look if spdif is muted.
Yep, I un-muted it and muted the Analogs and then left it un-muted and un-muted the Analogs, still nothing out. I was reading a forum post where some times you need to disable the dolby digital and ac3 receiver options and it will work, so I guess I will try that when I get home. The strange part is when the Analog was working, the Audio Output device was set to "default" but when I un-muted the SPDIF that "default" device disappeared and I was left with "Default(ALSA)" and a list of other devices that didn't work.