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Full Version: Wifi issue/general questions
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I've installed Crystalbuntu
on my Apple TV Silver
via USB stick

I used the CrystalHD Linux for AppleTV Installer: Windows Version
from stmlabs

I followed the instructions, and, read up mostly on this forum regarding install.
It originally didn't install, and had the '?', then I ran it again, then again, and, everything seems sorted.

I have 2 questions

1 - Upon powering on I see a lot of code running on the screen, then a grey screen with an 'X' in the centre,
then XBMC boots up. It's working fine, and, i've pointed it to read my external usb drive for media, and, all is good, including playback, but, is it normal on startup to see the grey screen etc, or is there something i'm missing? Just wanted to check.

2 - I know Crystalbuntu is designed for the Broadcom HD card, which I haven't yet bought, so I currently still have wireless.
Given that I have zero knowledge of Linux/Apple operating systems/code, what's the most straightforward way I can enable wireless, so I can install addons/check for updates etc.?

*I am also not sure how to post a log, so if I can get some help regarding that, it would be appreciated, thanks
1. Completely normal.

2. It's not pretty, but http://forum.stmlabs.com/showthread.php?tid=20

I hear that there will eventually be an easier configuration utility.

3. Check out the XBMC.log uploader add-on described on the wiki page log file (wiki).
ok many thanks
so just ssh from my pc is that right?
i'm using windows 7 at the moment and have Bitvise SSH Client installed