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Full Version: Airplay Problems: Audio ok, no video
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Ive been playing around with airplay on my brand new install of XBMCbuntu (running XMBC Eden) and I just cannot get video to work. Im running iTunes on my MBP and music works just fine, but every time I try to play a video file all I get is an error from iTunes saying:
"An error occurred while connecting to the AirPlay device “XBMC (xbmc)”. The network connection failed. Make sure the AirPlay device is powered on and its network settings are correct, then try again."

Meanwhile, the xbmc box is just sitting there like nothings going on. Im definitely trying with non-DRMed videos. When I try YouTube from an iPad (I dont have any videos on it yet, its new) I get similar results. Any thoughts you guys have would be really appreciated!
XBMC.log with debugging turned on.
I looked through what I thought was the relevant section of the log before turning debugging on and couldnt find anything that looked to me like a relevant error...but then again, Ive only been playing with this thing for a few days. Anyway, heres the log file:
I kinda forgot debug mode was on so theres a bunch of stuff with network shares (and thus passwords) that happened after that, so thats why it stops suddenly (if you can tell that). Let me know if its no good and Ill try again.
There is no sign in the log which would indicate that anything has even tried to stream video. It looks like we always only get an airtunes audiostream.

Could you do a log (maybe a bit shorter and not so messy Wink) where you just start xbmc, wait a bit until it settles, try airplaying a video from the youtube app on an iDevice, close xbmc?

If you don't have an iDevice - maybe get rid of the disableipv6 setting in your advancedsettings.xml might help.
Yea, I didnt think it looked like xbmc was receiving anything. Anyway, heres the shorter log file:
I tried to airplay from iTunes on my MBP a couple times first and then from YouTube on an iPad 3, still no luck. Although at one point when I was trying to stream from the iPad the visualizer that normally pops up on XBMC when I airtunes music appeared. But then it went away and I got an error on the iPad.
mhh same like before. Now try to reenable ipv6 by removing the ipv6disable tag from your advancedsettings.xml.
Ok so I just deleted the whole line "<ipv6disable>true</ipv6disable>" from the file, is that right? I tried from the iPad and from iTunes again and still no luck. Heres the log file:
Since it looks like xmbc isnt even attempting to do anything, are there things I should change on my router or something? Ports I need to open? Again, music-only airplay works fine (Im using it right now actually) except theres no metadata (but I guess thats still only in the nightly builds?)
You don't have any sort of network isolation turned on on your router, do you? I had a lot of similar issues with Airplay, and other bonjour services, and that was the culprit. What router and firmware are you using?
Um, to be honest Im not even entirely sure what you mean by "network isolation." We just got Verizon FiOS last week and the idiot contractor came and installed the new router with default everything so I would assume theres nothing fancy going on. I havent had a chance to get in and look around much though. According to its status page its model name is MI424WR-GEN3I and its running firmware version 40.19.22 (if thats at all useful...)

I can see we're not doing any sort of MAC filtering or the like, if thats what you mean. I dont think theres anything weird going on with a firewall either but that shouldnt apply to in-network traffic anyway, should it? Ill keep poking around to see if I find something but it doesnt look like anything too unusual is going on.
Found this on a Verizon forum:

Quote:Login to the router, Advanced -> Yes -> IPMG Proxy - Set IGMP Proxy (Enable/Disable): to Disable and save.

If it's already disabled, someone there said to enable then re-disable it.
Well I have no idea what the IGMP Proxy does or if I should have it on in my network, but turning it off got airplay working perfectly from iTunes (well, theres a few bugs with controlling the playback from inside iTunes. Namely, it doesnt stop when I tell it to?) so thats AWESOME! Thanks cowfodder Smile

On the other hand though, its still not working from the YouTube app on my iPad...Heres the new log file:

Thats a couple successful streams from iTunes on my MBP (Including a free podcast from the iTunes marketplace. I thought that wasnt supposed to work?) and a couple of attempts from YouTube on the iPad. Also at the end I forced shutdown of the machine because I couldnt get the stream to stop.