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Full Version: help with hdmi audio on ati hd4550
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I am having trouble getting the audio to work on my Ubuntu system.

I have an ati radeon hd4550 that suposidly supports 7.1 over HDMI.

I have got regular audio working over HDMI but I cannot get the pass through working?

Has anybody got this to work? If so, how?

the driver only allows 2 audio channels, which allows for AC3 and DTS, but no HD audio codec. Those can be reencoded to surround AC3 on the fly by Audio Engine enabled xbmc builds(nightlies)
I cannot get ac3 or dts to passthrough hdmi. It works over coax.
So, any ideas? Seems no matter what I try I get the "failed to initialize audio device" error.

This is on a fresh Ubuntu 12.04 desktop install.
If you're using a nightly with AudioEngine there's a support thread in the development section of the forum - they'll help you out.