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Full Version: Wrong audio frequency when playing back music
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I've been using XBMC for many years on a Windows 7 computer and I'm now trying to get rid of the m$ crap. That's why I've installed Openelec (Generic beta 7). After a bit of tweaks, everything's is working fine, except playing back audio files. The files I have (both MP3 and FLAC) are all in 44.1 kHz but they are played back by XBMC at 48 kHz. So the sound is going faster, and that's not really nice...
The setup is the following :

- Integrated Radeon HD 4200 on Gygabyte GA-MA785GM-US2H motherboard, the HDMI output is going to a Marantz receiver (but same problem occurs with the HDMI connected straight to my LCD).

When I'm playing back movies with a Dolby Digital or DTS soundtrack, there it's fine, it's playing at the right speed with no detune.

Here's what's in my asound.conf :

pcm.!default {
   type plug
    slave {
       pcm "hw:1,3"

Any idea to help me ?

Thanks a lot
Nice ! It works well with :


Thanks a lot