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Full Version: [RELEASE] TheHollywoodReporter Video Addon
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I have created a video plugin for the website www.hollywoodreporter.com.


You can find it in the official xbmc.org addon repository for Eden.

Comments welcome!

Wow, thanks for the is addon. I use this site on a daily basis and this addon will come in handy. Big Grin

I tried playing some of the videos and got an error.

Here is a full debug log:

In the debug log, I was trying to play "Sarah Paulson on Season 2" from the Hot Videos section.

yeah - my mistake, playback worked in v0.0.1 but then in 0.0.2 I accidentally introduced this bug *g*

Please test again with version 0.0.3 - as a bonus now always the best available video quality is chosen.

Everything working now, thanks.
version 0.0.4 ready for download, link in the first post.
Version 0.0.4 is now the official addon repository.