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Full Version: Radio streams in home menu
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Hi I'd like to add home menu for radio stream. However, I have run across one problem. To home menu, only smartplaylist can be added. However, in eden, I'm not able to add .strm nor .m3u playlists to a smartplaylist. Any Idea how I could possibly achieve what I would like to?
what skin are using? It is possible with the transparency skin as I have this at the moment.

The way I did it was to first create a folder called Radio Streams then have each a strm file for each radio station.

Add this folder as source with no ‘type’ and then navigate to the folder and add them as a favourites then you should be able to add favourites to the menu.

Of cource as I said this works with transparency and should work with other skins too but YMMV
hi thanks, it really works also for cirrus skin, however, when I go to library mode, then I see whole music library, is there a way to show only radio streams in library mode? I'd like to use fanarts.
do you mean to use fanarts for the music library or when you are in the home screen?
I meant the specific fanart and thumbnail for every stream. I guess that fanart in home screen can be edited in home.xml file.