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Full Version: Newbie - Video not playing properly - Trailers & YouTube
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I'm new to the world of XBMC (I'm using Eden 11.0) but getting there! I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit OS and as I'm projecting via a projector through HDMI am using a mouse rather than keyboard or remote.

I've tried a few skins but have gone back to Confluence at the moment.

I have what must be a connected issue. I have added the Universal movie scraper which works fine except that the trailers which when played are squeezed to the top of the screen - see photo link below.


The connected issue is with the YouTube Addon which when played results in the same problem - see photo link below


Any idea what the issue could be?

Any suggestions or solutions greatly appreciated!!

Can anyone help me with this please or suggest what I might try?

I'm keen to sort this!

Thanks in advance.