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Full Version: Disabled HDMI audio device, now it won't turn on again
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Hi Guys,

In the past i have always been using XBMC for original xbox and now i recently started using it on my new HTPC. I works fine and a lot of good features are added compared to the xbox version.

Last week i suddenly had a problem that my audio went out of sync when i put everything through HDMI, when that happend i switched to optical out and disabled my HDMI audio device. The problem is now i can't turn it back on because it completely disappeared from my system!

I'm running:
XBMC Eden (not that it matters because essentially its windows related)
Windows 7 Prof x64
ATI Radeon HD 5200

Wherever i look i can't seem to find it. I have tried to following locations, Control Panel ->Audio Device and Device Manager (show disabled devices)

Does any one have any suggestions where i can look or how to enable it again?