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Full Version: No network after sleep (AKA: Unix error 34)
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I've been trying to solve this issue for the better part of a year and am at a loss.
Every time I bring the Mini out of sleep mode and try to access a network share (SMB) the system will hang and eventually tell me the Network Connection was dropped on reset.

OSX: 10.6.8
Platform: Mac Mini (late 2010)
Install Method (DMG)
Ver: 11.0
Skin: Aeon Nox (this issue has recurred on default skin)

Debug Log: http://pastebin.com/tY31JZPX

I'm not sure if this is exactly where it happens, but I believe this is a snapshot of what I have been constantly seeing.
Quote:1:28:26 T:2691675456 DEBUG: OpenDir - Using authentication url smb://JB:[email protected]/Show%20Name%20%2d%20Namet%20Show%20%28DVR%29
01:28:26 T:2691675456 ERROR: SMBDirectory->GetDirectory: Unable to open directory : 'smb://JB:[email protected]/Daily%20Show%20%2d%20Name%20Showt%20%28DVR%29'
unix_err:'34' error : 'Network dropped connection on reset'

Any help, suggestions or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
I am afraid I cannot be of much help here, but I do see this quite a lot as well on my MacMini if I leave XBMC running when I switch the whole thing into stand-by. The next time it starts up I often (but not always) get a "Network dropped ..." The Mac is on a LAN and XBMC re-establishes the network connection after a few seconds.
Any luck with this - the same thing happens with mine - pretty much the same spec - though I have AFP and SMB on a synology ds1812

Haven't managed to figure out a fix yet. If I bring it out of sleep and let it sit idle for about 3-5 minutes the chances of the error happening are less, but still occur. If anybody has any leads or thoughts it would be very much appreciated.
I finally found the fix for this, rather than using nfs protocol use AFP.... its faster and much better