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Full Version: [RELEASE] Traktr - Updated traktutilities for frodo/eden
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You probably want to official trakt addon now, this one's deprecated.

Until (or if) the changes I've made (or equivalent ones) are integrated into script.traktutilities I decided to release my updated version under a different name so people don't get confused as to which version they're running.

So far this version adds Frodo support and also adds the ability to use advanced ratings, feel free to suggest additional features and I have a few more in the pipeline.

Website: http://ignignokt.co.uk/script.traktr/

Current Release: 1.0.3
- Repository (this is almost certainly the one you want): https://github.com/downloads/seadog/scri...-1.0.1.zip
- Stand alone 1.0.3 release: http://ignignokt.co.uk/script.traktr/rep...-1.0.3.zip

To install the repository version simply install the repository using the "install from zip file" function in the addon menu, then use get addons > traktr repository > services > Traktr and install it from there, it should auto update when new releases are available.
For the stand alone version simply install it from a zip file, though updates will have to be installed manually

Bug reports: Either post them here, email them to andrew.etches[at]dur.ac.uk or post them on the github issue tracker at: https://github.com/seadog/script.traktr/issues

Release notes:
    Fix indent error
    Fix refused connection
    Massive advanced rating ui improvement
    KeyError fix
    Forced HTTPS usage
    Added Portuguese (Brazilian) translation, thanks to rgponce
    Created a repository for the addon
    All notification screens that can cover a playing video have been removed
    (changed from script.traktutilities)
    Added advanced ratings patch
    Added frodo support
    Various bugfixes and a new syncing algorithm
Looking brilliant so far. Still playing but seems pretty stable. Yay, I can scrobble again Smile

EDIT: I also love the rating dialog when finished watching a movie/episode.
I didn't actually do the rate dialogue, someone submitted a nearly-working patch for advanced ratings to script.traktutilities that I found so I fixed the bits that weren't quite there but his rate_advanced.xml was perfect (I need to try and find who made it actually so I can add some attribution somewhere)
Just pushed a new release since I've been using it without problems for quite a while now, thanks for the Brazilian Portuguese translation, if you're upgrading from RC1 you probably need to remove the old addon in xbmc, close xbmc, delete the plugin in YOURXBMCDIR/addons/packages/tratkr-1.0.0-rc1.zip then restart xbmc and install the new version (sorry but that's the only reliable way I can get it to update from an rc to a real version as there's no real version bump going on there).
Congrats on the 1.0! ;p

But I'm having a problem. :x

On Eden: I removed your old script.traktUtilities version. Copied over traktr develop branch to script.traktr in addons. The addon shows up in addons and I can configure it no problem.

But when I reboot XBMC and check the logs I don't see any traktr logging. Manually starting the addon works and I can see my watchlist and sync movies & tvshows.

But when I play a file it doesn't start scrobbling and when it finishes I don't get the option to rate it. Is this intentionally left out for Eden? If so I don't have a problem using the official trakt plugin to scrobble. Just want to make sure it's by design ;o
Are you installing via "install from zip file" or by copying the plugin to ~/.xbmc/addons/ ?
Copying. I should install via zip once?
I've only ever tried installing it by using "install from zip file", dunno if it just does exactly the same thing you're doing though
Hi guys. Fairly new user here. I've tried to install this add-on but I get a message that the "Add-on does not have the right file structure." Do I need to be running a nightly for this to work on Apple TV 2? I'm currently running 11.0 Eden.

(2012-09-08, 15:40)Maddcow Wrote: [ -> ]Hi guys. Fairly new user here. I've tried to install this add-on but I get a message that the zip file structure is wrong. Do I need to be running a nightly for this to work on Apple TV 2? I'm currently running 11.0 Eden.


Are you trying to install the 1.0.0 zip, also do you have script.traktutilities installed?

SpoBo: I just installed Eden to try it again and I just launched eden, installed 1.0.0 from zip file, restarted XBMC and sync/scrobbling/etc. worked fine (using 11.0-6 eden)
I'm trying to install the 1.0.0 zip but don't have script.traktutilities installed.....where would I find that?
hrm it should work on 11.0 eden (I just tried it a few minutes ago and it worked fine for me), can you try deleting ~/.xbmc/addons/packages/traktr-1.0.0.zip and ~/.xbmc/addons/traktr-1.0.0 then try reinstalling, if they're not there then can you try unzipping the 1.0.0 archive to see if it got corrupted when you downloaded it? If it unzips fine then something quite weird's going on
Mmmm, the problem seems to be that I transferred the zip file to my aTV via nito Installer. I just copied via SSH and it installed fine.....weird. Thanks heaps!
yeah I'm hoping to make a repository for the next release (in fact just setting it up now) so that installing/keeping it updated is a lot less hassle
Seadog, Trakt shows what I'm currently watching (either TV or Movies) but this info isn't being recorded into my account history....is that normal. For testing purposes I have the minimum play for scrobbling set to 0 so that Trakt picks up file playback immediately but even after exiting/restarting XBMC and Traktr doing a sync, my account history doesn't include any of my scrobbles. Am I misunderstanding something about how this addon is supposed to operate?
Sorry, just to clarify: my Trakt profile displays what I'm currently watching and all is good, but that data isn't being recorded to my Trakt account history....which I assume is the primary purpose of this system?
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