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Full Version: Play video instead of audio file
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Hi guys, I've done a bit of searching and can't find an answer to my query.

What I want to know is, is there an addon that when I play a music file (mp3, ogg) it'll instead go and find the music video on YouTube?

Thanks in advance.
Yes, I'm looking for something like this!

This is my idea for it:
- turn on music in xbmc
- make Music OSD appear
- Hey! there is an extra option in the Music OSD: nice youtube icon maybe,
- click on the button and it automatically searches on the "artist name" and "songtitle" (of the music that is pcurrently playing) in the youtube add-on
- music keeps on playing
- pop-up box with the hits for possible music videos appears
- if you click on one the music stops and the video starts playing
- when the video stops: music continues with the next song

Unfortunately I can't code it, all I can contribute is the idea.... Hopefully somebody that can code it likes the idea :-)

Grz LoL Wink
I'd like something like this, too.
I'm not too experienced with writing XBMC Add-Ons, so if I try to write something like this, I'd start simple.

The Add-On could access a source where all manually downloaded music videos reside. This source must have the same structure as the music source.
So if you have something like this:
//music/Metallica/...and justice for all/04 - Metallica - One.mp3

you should have a corresponding folder
//music-vids/Metallica/...and justice for all/04 - Metallica - One.mkv

This way the Add-On only needs to look in the corresponding folder and load the music video that is named like the audio file.
In the future this could be handled by reading metadata, but right now this is a "simple" solution, I guess.

Maybe I'll give it a try some day...