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Full Version: Trailer in fullscreen
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its a awesome skin. I love the many different views for shows and movies and the many settings and the switching efects!!!

But i think i found a bug. I checked in my settings show trailer in fullscreen but its only a small window! Also if i unchecked it and restarting all the time but no changes!

Thank you for the skin!!
In Night-Eden or Night using Dharma?
I use Night-Eden!
Ok, I'll look into it. Strangely, I can't play any trailer right now. I don't use this feature... does that work with another skin? just wondering if my system "broke" because I can't play any trailer, with any skin, even confluence..
Yes playing a trailer work in any other skin!
I wish I could solve this bug. But I still can't open any trailer, in any skin!! Quite strange... as soon as I solve that, I'll look into it.
Tell me about it... working fine a week ago and then all of a sudden, Kaput! spent 4 hours so far trying to work it out.

Very strange....

There has been an update to the Youtube add-on. It now works.

As for the settings for small and fullscreen window, it works here (i.e. both options work as expected).
I have stored my trailer offline.
But does the option of fullscreen vs small screen work?
No, with this skin its always a small Window with both settings. I in any other screen the trailer where displayed like they should.
Strange... you're on Windows or Linux?