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Full Version: TV isn't receiving audio when playing videos or music
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Hey, I just build a cheap media centre PC and installed XBMCbuntu on it, and everything runs great apart from no audio.

I have this card installed: http://www.ebuyer.com/252476-asus-g210-s...1gd3-v2-lp-

It does send sound through its HDMI output, as it says on the ASUS website.

When I play a video, no audio goes to the TV. When I go into audio settings and cycle through the different HDMI options (nvidia HDMI, intel HDMI etc) and try playing the video again XBMC says it failed to initiate the audio device or something to that effect. The only time it doesn't display that error is when I leave it to "default", but then no sound is being output.

I also tested it with my headphones in a 3.5mm jack on the motherboard after setting the audio to "analog" and that worked fine. I just can't work out why audio isn't being sent to the TV through my graphics card HDMI port even though the graphics card supports it.

Also, in case it matters, this is my TV: http://www.home-entertainment.toshiba.co...V/32BV501/

Any help is appreciated, thank you!
can you please create a debug-log? http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=34655