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Full Version: Audio not downmixing
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I'm having problems with any video that has any audio setting over 2.0. I am using HDMI from my machine direct to my TV which I want the audio to play out of the speakers built into the TV, however any video that uses 5.1 or 7.1 I lose a lot of audio such as people speaking, however certain background noises come through loud and clear. I'm assuming this is the audio tracks not downmixing to 2.0 correctly.

My machine is a HP MicroServer N40L with an ATI 5450.

My system settings for audio output are as follows:
Audio Output: HDMI
Speaker Configutation: 2.0
Boost Volume level on downmix: Yes
Output stereo to all speakers: No
Dolby Digital (AC3) capable receiver: No
DTS capable receiver: No
AAC capable receive: No
Multichannel LPCM capable receiver: No
TrueHD capable receiver: No
Audio output device: HD-Audio Generic, HDMI
Passthrough output device: HD-Audio Generic, HDMI

I am using the latest build of XBMC from https://launchpad.net/~wsnipex/+archive/xbmc-xvba on Ubuntu 12.04

Debug Log: http://pastebin.com/kyAWNn5F
Can you try to enable LPCM and keep the 2.0 speaker setting? <- this is just an idea to workaround.

You have to file an upstream bug with the AE guys.
Thanks for the reply, raised a bug and they mentioned it had been fixed a week so back https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/commit/feda...727086084f

Updated my version of xbmc using the testing builds instead https://launchpad.net/~wsnipex/+archive/...ba-testing and it now works.