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Full Version: Access XBMC smb shares within XBMCBuntu
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Hi, a curious question. i'm running XBMCBuntu which is working great, i wanted to understand why i couldn't use XBMC samba sources.
For example inside XBMC GUI i have configured it to use a Samba shares as a source for films, works well.
Checking the sources.xml confirms the configuration "smb://servername/blah"

If i want to use the same samba source in xbmcbuntu(in the terminal for copying files etc) i cannot find it how does xbmc accesses this share, surely it still needs to mount it etc, i don't really want to have to do the same thing twice and mount a samba share with the same source direction.

So in summary is there a way to leverage what XBMC already does with samba share and not configure my own (although easy enough to do) just for simplicities sake


I don't think you can do that. An alternative would be to create your own mounts that you can access through the terminal and point XBMC to the mounts for video.

I'm sure that wasn't the answer you were looking for Confused
Yes, that's what I did. I mounted my share to a local folder (/movies) and access that folder instead of directly accessing the share in XBMC.