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Full Version: SliTaz Gnu/Linux
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Hi, I would like to know how to install Xbmc from scratch because I am about to add it to the SliTaz server but there is no guide for how to install it on a small distro without a lot of packages. I tried to convert a .deb package but I probiably have to compile it myself in order to make a .tazpkg (SliTaz installation package)

How would I make the install?
(if necessary, here is the slitaz pkgs: pkgs.slitaz.org)
You can always compile it, or see if SliTaz has a way to install alien packages.
I can install alien packages but in order for it to make it to repositories a receipt has to be made on how top compile but as most guides are made around a popular distro they do not list all the dependencies! What are they and how would I install them and such?
Dependencies are available in the git documentation. If I were you, I'd just compile from source. It's probably easier than trying to kludge in a .deb. Plus during compilation, you'll be notified what dependencies are not met.
Do I have to use Git? Isn't there a tarball?
You'd have to ask the devs.
you can download a zip from git: https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc
I found one myself http://mirrors.xbmc.org/releases/source/...1.0.tar.gz
But I have a problem, the wiki says to ./bootstrap, well, that doesn't work for me... :S
You might want to read up on cross-compilation then. You have all the necessary tools for compiling from source installed, correct?