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Full Version: imdb scraper can it parse the imdb id in a file name?
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So I have the movie D.O.A. from 1988, but the imdb scraper can not find it.
If I add the imdb id of tt0094933 to the file name, can the scraper parse that and automatically use the data from that ID?
I have tried to manually enter is as:
d o a
d. o. a.
doa 1998
d o a 1998
d. o. a. 1998

None of those return the movie on the select list.
I am not sure how to fix this, can someone help, or can we add parsing of the imdb ID from the file name as a feature request?
No, the scraper is parsing the imdb id from the .nfo file you creare alongside the movie file (with the same file name)
### Never Mind ###
### I found how to do it it on google ##
I did not create a .nfo, all other movies are fine.
Is there a thread or URL describing how to create a .nfo file?
you just create a file with filename 'moviefile.nfo' and copy the IMDb URL or the imdb id into it. That's it.
btw, the scraper finds the movie for me without imdb id