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Full Version: Videos folder empty when UPNP sharing
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So I have XBMC running on a desktop using Linux Mint and I want to stream my music and videos to a few other computers in my house (a couple macbooks and a dell laptop), but more importantly to a raspberry pi connected to my living room TV. XBMC is installed on all of these devices and they have no trouble finding my desktop with UPNP. The music and videos folders show up and music works fine, however when I select the videos folder it is always empty. I know to scrape the videos folder for metadata and I've done that, but none of my movies or tv shows are ever accessible this way. Am I missing something extremely obvious?
It sounds like you've got the basics down, especially if you've got music to show up and you know how to scrape videos. Can you give us a debug log (wiki) from the UPnP host XBMC install as well as one of the client XBMC installs when you attempt to access video files via UPnP?
Thanks for such a quick reply and here are the debug logs from each:

Host -
22:08:19 T:139698995435264 ERROR: GetDirectory - Error getting videodb://

Client -
23:08:34 T:2953924608 NOTICE: VideoInfoScanner: Starting scan ..
23:08:34 T:2953924608 ERROR: CUPnPDirectory::GetResource - no resources returned for object videodb://
23:08:34 T:2953924608 NOTICE: VideoInfoScanner: Finished scan. Scanning for video info took 00:00
Can you post full debug logs via pastebin and with debugging on? (Settings -> System -> Debugging)
Yes, sorry about that.. Here are the full debug logs:

22:45:56 T:140454771078912 DEBUG: UPnP Translated id to 'videodb://'
22:45:56 T:140454771078912 INFO: Received UPnP Browse DirectChildren request for object 'videodb://'
22:45:56 T:140454771078912 ERROR: GetDirectory - Error getting videodb://
22:45:56 T:140454771078912 DEBUG: Building UPnP response with filter '*', starting @ 0 with 30 requested
22:45:56 T:140454771078912 DEBUG: Returning UPnP response with 0 items out of 0 total matches

23:45:59 T:2905064128 DEBUG: CGUIMediaWindow::GetDirectory (upnp://b87aab5e-18e2-634b-14ad-f7fa324b272d/videodb%3a%2f%2f/)
23:45:59 T:2905064128 DEBUG: ParentPath = [sources://video/]
23:45:59 T:2905064128 DEBUG: RunQuery took 1 ms for 0 items query: select * from movieview where c23=4
23:45:59 T:2953850880 DEBUG: Thread Background Loader start, auto delete: 0
23:45:59 T:2953850880 DEBUG: Thread Background Loader 2953850880 terminating
23:46:01 T:2905064128 DEBUG: SDLKeyboard: scancode: 00, sym: 0136, unicode: 0000, modifier: 0
23:46:01 T:2905064128 DEBUG: GetActionCode: Trying Hardy keycode for 0xf200
23:46:01 T:2905064128 DEBUG: Previous line repeats 3 times.
23:46:01 T:2905064128 DEBUG: OnKey: 0 (f200) pressed, action is
23:46:29 T:2963120128 DEBUG: Thread Jobworker 2963120128 terminating (autodelete)

I apologize if I'm still doing this wrong, I'm new to this sort of thing
That is not a full Debug Log and please don't paste directly on the forum
Always provide it from when starting