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Full Version: [IMDB] Scraper excluding movie Sample People (2000)
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System is Windows 7 sp1 x64, XBMC 11 with updates.
metadata.common.imdb.com\addon.xml 6/8/12
metadata.common.imdb.com\imdb.xml 6/8/12
metadata.imdb.com\addon.xml 5/23/12
metadata.imdb.com\imdb.xml 5/23/12

The IMDB scraper seems to work very well except for one movie file. "Sample People" (2000) an Australian crime drama movie won't load in. The movie has a full description and art in IMDB.
I found that the movie is being excluded because it matches an exclude rule somewhere. I have been unable to find the exclusion in the scrapper's xml
Thanks for all the hard work. Any help would be appreciated!

Please link the whole log in your post, using xbmclogs.com or pastebin.com.
Thanks for the quick reply.


It is possible that the scraper is not at fault. I cannot find the word "sample" in any add-on xml file.

Relevant line appears to be 312 of log 8756:

08:52:37 T:4044 DEBUG: CUtil::ExcludeFileOrFolder: File 'L:\Videos\Movies\Crime Drama\Sample People (2000).avi' excluded. (Matches exclude rule RegExp:'[!-._ \\/]sample[-._ \\/]')

Regards, AT2010
I think that it's possible that your "crime drama" folder is interfering. Do you have "movies are in separate folders that match the title" option checked in scraper settings? If so, uncheck it.
Also, you can make up a small .nfo for the movie with the <id> tag containing the url of the imdb page.

Also - i don't have any skill at all with RegExp, so i may be misunderstanding completely!

I have over 70 movies in the Crime Drama folder, and all but "Sample People" scraped without errors or exclusions.

I can make an .nfo file from scratch, but this would only be a temporary fix.

I used debug again, this time using a Manual entry to change the title to other existing movies in the IMDB database. Any thing that includes "sample" or "samples" seems to be excluded.


see lines 225-229, 376-380, 544-548

If the offending module is CTUTIL, and this is not the correct forum, please let me know.

Thank you!
hmm it may be excluding it because i think we ignore anything with "sample" as some download have a sample file included.

Like you see below.
Quote:11:22:41 T:4064 DEBUG: CUtil::ExcludeFileOrFolder: File 'L:\Videos\Movies\Crime Drama\Sample People (2000).avi' excluded. (Matches exclude rule RegExp:'[!-._ \\/]sample[-._ \\/]')

So maybe in this case you could try to make a .nfo file if that works
Um. Ok.

I think the problem really is just with the FILE name and not the movie name. It didn't matter what movie name was entered manually. Every thing was excluded as long as the FILE name contained "sample".

When the FILE name was changed from "Sample People (2000).avi" to "Smple People (2000)" (removed the first "a")
the scraper was able to download the movie information. It even picked the correct movie.

Still, if someone could take a look at CUTIL or whichever module is really excluding the file, I would be grateful.

Look at my explanation ^^
Thank you Martijn.

Did not see your reply before posting. Windows does include sample video files, and I'm sure the intent was to exclude these from being imported into XBMC.

I don't need to create an .nfo file, since changing the file name to anything but "sample" allowed the scraper to search IMDB and download the correct movie information.

Removing the exclusion rule in CUTIL would probably help only a few people and cause many sample videos to be imported for a great deal of others.
Perhaps posting this problem as a Known Issue and work arounds on a wiki page would be more appropriate.

It's possible to change the exclusion rules via your advancedsettings.xml should you need to.
Thanks scudlee!

I created the file userdata\advancedsettings.xml with the contents:


I deleted the regexp line that excluded sample (from the link you provided)
This solution works quite well!

Have a great day,