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Full Version: Cant login to XBMC or XBMCbuntu - Please Help!
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Hi All,

Last night I was playing around in terminal and trying to install Deluge.

After getting a heap of error messages and not being able to install it I gave up and went to log back into XBMC.

Only to find that after entering my password and clicking login, the system loads for around 5 seconds and then redirects me back to the login screen. The same thing happens when trying to log back into XBMCbuntu. So now I am stuck with only a login screen.

All other programs seem to be running fine; SickBeard, CouchPotato, Sab & Maraschino. However I cant get passed the login screen.

I fear I have broken something in the attempted install of Deluge.

Anyone ever had this before? or who can maybe suggest a fix for this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Do you have another PC? You can SSH to the XBMC box and try to log in there.
  • Download and run PuTTY
  • Connect to your XBMC IP
  • Change your password
    Changing password for xbmc.
    (current) UNIX password:
  • Try to log in through the GUI again.