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Full Version: No Rear Channel on Eden
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i am using xbmcbuntu 11, on a VIA 1708S soundchip, and it seems like i am missing both rear channels. speaker-test is only working on fron left, right, center, and LFE. alsamixer does seem to have a channel for SIDE, although that chipset shouldn't be capable of 7.1, but none for REAR.

I learned that xbmcbuntu doesn't use pulseaudio at all, so it seems like all i have to fiddle with is that .asoundrc file.
But... that file is just a mess, and even the tutorial on the ALSA-wiki doesn't talk about anything i see inside there.

Any help would be great. Thanks in advance. Smile

This is my .asoundrc: .asoundrc
What are your settings on the System/Settings > System > Audio output page?
xbmc itself is just set to 5.1 anlog on my default soundcard. i just found out that my rears do work if i unmute "surround" in alsamixer. speaker-test and AC3/DTS streams within xbmc work fine then, but i'd hate to have to enjoy my stereo music in weird surround on my whole system.