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Full Version: Empty fanart?
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How do i set a empty fanart for a movie if i selected the wrong one?
Select entry, press "i" or bring up the contextual menu and select "get info"
I don't understand how that would help me? That brings up the movie information and the only thing i can select there is Play, Cast. Refresh, Get thumb, Get fanart. But i cant remove current fanart, only select another existing fanart. I don't have/want any fanart for this movie. It was a mistake when i selected the current fanart, and it has nothing to do with the movie. I must be missing something, or is this skin missing something?
Select "Get fanart" and there is an option for "No fanart" at the bottom.
I'm not at the computer right now. I'm pretty sure that the only things i can select is Local fanart(the wrong picture), Browse fanart, and two buttons OK, Cancel. But i'll check again. I'll post a picture when i get home, unless i find the No fanart thing =)
No, there is no "no fanart" option at that screen. Sorry for the bad picture, but ctrl-s makes XBMC crash on that screen so i couldn't use the builtin function to take a screenshot.

To delete local fanart through the user GUI interface was NOT a provision of most skins. There wouldn't be too many times this would be needed... usually a correct image would take it's place on a rescrape. When we're discussing GUI options and issues, most people use the default skin Confluence as reference from a recent stable version of XBMC (debugs are nice because it let's us know all that stuff without asking).

You can either re-scrape manually... and pick some title that is not likely to have fanart of any kind.... then rescrape on last time to set the cover straight. or manually deleting the fanart in question located in your \XBMC\userdata\Thumbnails\Video\Fanart (on a windows system that would be C:\Users\PatK\AppData\Roaming\XBMC\userdata\Thumbnails\Video\Fanart). Worse case would be to nuke all your thumbnails and rebuild from your exported to separate files in each folder.
Odd, I didn't realize most skins omitted the option.
When this happened to me I created a plain white JPG image in MS paint. I then selected that to be the fan art for the video.
Yes.. the skin I'm presently using has default images or slideshow should there be no fanart.