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Full Version: BLUR effect
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I'm developing a new skin (details soon) and I'm answering if it is possible to obtain a background blur effect like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B50RnCwNPe4

How it is possibile??
With a background overlay i assume.
(2009-09-01, 00:45)CF2009 Wrote: [ -> ]here is a small POC vid of a fullscreen blur i did using the Python Imaging Library default blur,

it's not the best blur but i think you can see what a blur animation would look likeSmile

(2009-09-02, 21:57)CF2009 Wrote: [ -> ]
phyek Wrote:Cool, any way to adjust/increase the blur?
i think you can but as this is the 1st time i have played with it i'm not 100% on what can be done...
here is a link to the Python Imaging Library site

EqUiNoX Wrote:However since my process involves taking a screenshot and i assume yours.
yep it is done by taking a screenshot Big Grin

Using python to do things like this in xbmc is ok for proof of concepts but i would not use it in a released skin as python is not 100% reliable, as we can see from using the Weather & RecentlyAdded scripts....
Taking a screenshot (works on windows only) and then apply the blur to it is the only way at the moment. I've tested it lately and it works but it's far from optimal... one thing is that I had to delay fading in the blurred image because it takes some time and you would see the previous screenshot for about 1 second and the other thing was you can't exclude controls from the screenshot so you will see the cursor (if used) or controls which are fading in/out at the time the screenshot is made. So as CF2009 said 3 years ago it's nothing more than a proof of concept.