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Full Version: Is m3u8 still not supported by XBMC?
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Hey guys,

I spent a lot of time working on a new shahid.mbc.net plugin, only to discover right at the end, that the m3u8 format that this service uses is not supported by XBMC!

I get the following error:

23:54:46 T:9092  NOTICE: Creating InputStream
23:54:46 T:9092  NOTICE: Creating Demuxer
23:54:46 T:9092   ERROR: CDVDDemuxFFmpeg::Open - Error, could not open file https://mbc3.s.cpl.delvenetworks.com/media/2fda1d3fd7ab453cad983544e8ed70e4/22fd85c0610f4117a6270af1d30b54b6/law_baqy_laila_ep1526ea0206d431ce832295cc5f02c0506fb6d03b9c.m3u8
23:54:46 T:9092   ERROR: CDVDPlayer::OpenDemuxStream - Error creating demuxer
23:54:46 T:9092  NOTICE: CDVDPlayer::OnExit()
23:54:46 T:9092  NOTICE: CDVDPlayer::OnExit() deleting input stream

Looking this up online, I wasn't able to get a definitive answer whether m3u8 are indeed not supported with no valid work around for them or not.

Can someone from the XBMC team give me a confirmation whether there is any way that I can use to play these streams?

The way I understand it, ffmpeg doesn't support https hls streams. Confused
^^ what he said.
So ffmpeg supports http hls streams? I was under the impression neither work in xbmc currently?