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Full Version: How to start movie in folder directly
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is there a way to start from the a movie directly when entering a folder via de folder menu?
Same question for DVD stored in a folder in VIDEO_TS.

Sounds like you're using File mode and not the library? TS folders will start the movie (dvd menu) directly in library mode, and the same with .isos.
When you setup your scraper, make sure to check 'use folder names for lookups'. Then when you view in file view, the videos will play without having to go into each folder.

Edit: actually that option looks like was renamed to 'movies are in separate folders that match the title' but gives the same result. Also you'll have to rescan a source if you didn't have that option selected prior in the scraper settings for that particular source..
Thanks Gabbot !
I will try it this evening and report back.
Press 'p' to play the contents of a folder.