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Full Version: Some posters are low-res!?
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I use EMM to scrape all my movies, and everything works great. One thing though, is that some movies, comes out blurry. If i go to "movie information" and either do "refresh" or "change thumb" i can get it in highres, but since i have 3 xbmc machines this would take forever.

I've tried reading up on this, and it seems as if people have found the reason to be that XBMC "caches" some posters and use that instead? So that when i later refresh that movie, the right full-res poster shows up? I'm not using any kind of add-ons on XBMC.

Thanks for any ideas!
XBMC does cache every cover, that's the library... So when you have a lo-res image, it's because XBMC is using the image from a scrape (If in set content, the scrapers settings... you can specify res) and if that is lor-res that's what you get... EMM is 3rd party software that scrapes images and metadata and places that material in the movies folder... the only way you can bring that material into XBMC is with a refresh... and a local scrape will pick up your metadata and images if it's in the format XBMC requires...

In your case it's kinda of hit & miss, which means not always is EMM delivering everything XBMC needs on a local scrape and exits to the internet to grab needed material and in so doing grabs lo-res images at the same time superseding what EMM has planted.. To see what EMM is not providing, you'lll have to do a test of a single movie, scraping with both XBMC and EMM and comparing the results... You're mostly likely find your issue.

My suggestion is to always use XBMC for scrapes incombination with Art Downloader, for the most spectacular graphics.
Thanks, for a great explanation! I'll start searching for whatever it is that EMM misses on these movies!

And thanks for your suggestion, unfortunately, since i use 3 xbmc machines, i want to use a central library, so i dont have to make any changes to all 3 machines Smile
We can let this one sink to the ground, i FINALLY after, hours and hours got my Mysql sharing working. So i'll stop using emm, since my library will be shared anyways! Smile