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Full Version: DVR Playback
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I currently have a HTPC running OpenELEC (dharma). In addition to this I have a windows PC running a DVR program (NextPVR). When I record a show, NPVR creates a TS file on a shared drive, and I use XBMC to play back this file. I do not need to wait until the recording is finished in order to play back the file, but there is a small problem with playback. When I hit play XBMC looks at the file and sees how long the video is, and that is all that it will play back, even though the file continues to grow as more data is saved to the file. So if I start watching 22 minutes into recording, once I reach the 22 minute mark it will stop and show the show as watched, even though the file is now 44 minutes long. I am able to work around this by stopping and starting every 10-15 minutes (when I start the video again it restores my place and registers the new video length), but it is a pain to have to do this. Is there any other way to play back a growing file?