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Full Version: Automatically updating library: exclude movies?
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Quick question, couldn't find the answer in wiki... I have XBMC auto update / scan for new items at startup and I am wondering if it is possible to disbale the scanning for new movies? So, I'd like XBMC to only scan my TV source, and not the Movie source... I'll let it update movies manually...
For your movie sources go to "set content" (Video -> Files -> whatever your movie source(s) are) and toggle "exclude from scan". This will exclude them from the automated scan/update, but you can still manually update by selecting the source, bringing up the contextual menu, and selecting "scan for new content" (which over-rides "exclude from scan").
Thanks for your reply...!

I tried the "Exclude path from library updates" option (you mean that one right?) but it doesn't seem to do anything; after a reboot, xbmc will still try to search for movies...??
That's the one. Odd that it doesn't seem to be working for you. Can you post a debug log (wiki) of when it scans at start up (be sure to enable debug logging in Settings -> System -> Debugging, and then restart XBMC so that it has the debugging on at start up)?
Hmm, weird: I noticed I had 'Scan recursively' enabled, which should not be enabled for my setup... So I disabled this option and now scanning is much faster so it would seem that now the 'Exclude path from library updates'-option seems to be in effect... Smile