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Full Version: Turning off parts of the library/scraper?
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Again, I've been looking for an answer to this, sorry if it's already be covered.

Is there a way to turn off the file renaming that scrapers? I know it's not actually renaming the files, but is there a way to have the original filenames show up? It's wrecking havok on my TV shows, which I spent a goodly chunk of time renaming.

Or, alternatively, how do I set backgrounds/folders for each of the folders the tv shows are in and forget the scraper all together? Either way is good with me.
You can create *.nfo files to supplement, override or in lieu of the scraper information.
Or... in the system-->video-->File Lists menu, there should be an option for "Replace file names with library titles". Turn that off.
Thank you for such quick and awesome responses!
Real quick, it's picking some images and previews and stuff wrong. How do I go and manually change that?