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Full Version: Language files got synced for the FIRST time !!
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Hi Translators !

Thanks to your hard work, I can gladly announce that our very first sync update was happened today. Sorry for the long wait, but my update utility is all ready now.

Both xbmc master and Transifex got updated with the merged language files. The closed PR is here https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/pull/1346/commits

This means that xbmc master got updated from Transifex translations, but this also means that for some languages xbmc master introduced some translations on the fly and they got pulled to transifex along with the new English strings. These translations are basically for PVR and they are for Dutch, German, Spanish, Russian and Finnish languages. They all need review from the teams of course.

From now on expect weekly updates from master to Transifex and monthly (probably at the end of months) updates from Transifex to master.

Also expect some new addons here. As you noticed script.xbmc.subtitles already up. I plan to upload the PVR addon strings and also the strings for the default scrapers. All the rest will go into the xbmc-addons transifex project which will also be open soon.

Oh and please test translations if you can and report on TRANSIFEX if something is wrong with the UPDATE PROCESS. Of course translation related stuff must be discussed inside the teams. Please only post about translation stuff on Transifex.

Thanks for the hard work,
Cheers, Attila
Congratulations Attila, very well done, translated Portuguese (Brazil), 100% now.

Thanks again.
Wanilton, you are always super fast :-)