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Full Version: Bug with UPnP ISP Box
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I am not sure to post in the proper category.
I have Eden installed on a mac mini C2D with nvidia 9400M and Mac OS Lion.. Everything works fine.
But when I want use mediatheque with a SFR Box Revolution. Which is in France set top box to link with TV and provide TV via ADSL and other services.
I experience bugs with uPnP service. I can browse Mediatheque, but I can only run the 11 very first video on each folder i browse.
It is said in Video / Year / 2011 -> I can only run the 11 first video appearing listed (A-Z), so if I want to run something beginning with "W".. it wont work.
I managed to launch "W" Title but I have to run it by Video / Scenarist / and to get Scenarist of the movie.

There is also another minor bug when I scroll down via uPnP service.... each name of Title, Scenarist, aso is renamed into Title when i highlight it. I pass it down then sroll up back andis still renamed in "Title" even if it's a scenarist, actor, title... I have to go scroll backward in parent directory to make it works and anyway it bugs again.

Am I the only French to get such problems with SFR set top box called SFR Evolution.

I think it is not XBMC bug rather SFR bugs.
Could some confirm ?

But I also got a major bug while browsing by uPnP server on the set top box, when I got the actor folder.. maybe because there is a huge list.. but it make XBMC server crashes every time.