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Full Version: Alarm Clock Plug-in?
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Hello everyone,

i am looking for a plug-in that allows me te enter a time and at that time pauses the mediaplayback. would be nice to have an option for cases like "ok i got till 6:30, but i can watch a bit of my favorite show till that but i want to make sure i go at 6:30"

i am using openelec and are aware that at least there is a shutdown timer in the powermenue. this just allows you to enter a number of minutes after which the box shuts down. its working but you have to calculate the number of minutes needed and it just shuts down the box so if its in the middle of a scene you just want to finish or at least have the actor finish his sentance is quite annoying.

i found this thread http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=139029 that could solve my problem. but it seems specific to the confluence skin. i am looking for something that is working universally on all skins.also since i am not running xbmc on windows i have no idea where i find the xml file i would have to make the changes to get it work under confluence at least.

is it possible to do what i am looking for, or some solution that i am unaware of?

Thanks in advance