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Full Version: Tapatalk Update
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When will xbmc update there tapatalk back end so we recieve push notifications instantly on our phones ??
I don't use tapatalk, so maybe I'm missing something, but isn't that kind of the same as getting e-mail notification?
da-danda will look at it shortly together with some other updates.
what he said Smile
Fantastic news
could you please test it? Just updated to version 3 of the tapatalk plugin. Don't have tapatalk myself, so can't test.
someone post something on here and ill let you know if oush works
(2012-09-28, 09:38)mikey1234 Wrote: [ -> ]someone post something on here and ill let you know if oush works

Here you go Smile
nope not working try again now
(2012-09-28, 10:44)mikey1234 Wrote: [ -> ]nope not working try again now

Any better?
nope not working i have deleted account reinstalled account turned off notification and turned back on

but tapatalk itself is still working, right?
Tapatalk works yeah always had the update has improved the threads

sometimes when clicking on a thread via tapatalk it used to say thread can't be found

Doesn't do that now just working on notifications now could someone pm me
I just checked if tapatalk is now configurable and it is. But push notifications where already enabled - so it should work.
I works for me with PM's but then it always did I don't have notifications on forum threads because its hell of a lot of spam if the thread gets busy
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