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Full Version: Textures vs images
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I noticed something behaving differently in textures vs images. And i wanted to know if maybe i had made a mistake in making the textures file.
When using something like this:
<control type="image">
    <animation effect="fade" end="80" condition="true">Condition</animation>
Where "white.png" is maybe 4x4px being used to fill the screen by stretch or repeat.

When converted to a textures file it will become more and more transparent, the further away it gets from the top left corner.
In the lower right corner there will be no white left.

But when it is still just an image (png) in the media folder, it will result in an equal white transparency over the whole screen.

Is that expected behavior?

Make them 8x8.
I would expect that to reduce the effect by 50%.
But ok, i'll test it tonight.
There's a problem when textures are too small as you've just found out.
border="1" fixes the problem sometimes but in your case I would go with a bigger texture as Hitcher suggested.