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Full Version: last.fm 20 second freeze / lock up
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I'm having an unusual problem with last.fm streaming in XBMC Eden. When I attempt to start the stream a notification window pops up saying "Connecting..." as normal. Then XBMC locks and becomes unresponsive to any inputs (mouse, keyboard) for a good 20-30 seconds and then starts playing. When the song is changed the same 20-30 second freeze is experienced. An SSH shell will remain responsive however and during this time CPU usage falls to ~1-2% and the system appears idle except for what looks to be 16-17KB/s of network traffic which I assume is the last.fm stream coming in (128Kbps).

The system is an O2 (openpeak) Joggler running XUbuntu 12.04. The sound output is S/PDIF using the A52 encoder and pulseaudio connected to a Creative Extigy external sound card (finally a use for the thing!). This setup achieves 5.1 sound from the joggler and XBMC appears to stereo fill the remaining channels which is great. The freeze occurs regardless of whether the A52 encoder is in use or not. This was confirmed by setting pulseaudio to output analogue audio (therefore achieving sound from the Jogglers internal speakers and two uncompressed PCM streams over the S/PDIF). Only last.fm seems to be affected - files hosted on my NAS playback perfectly as does youtube video streaming.

I have used the joggler in the past without S/PDIF and last.fm also worked perfectly. Since then I have installed an updated image from http://joggler.exotica.org.uk/ubuntu/ and also got NFS root working so there are quite a few potential variables in this problem.

Has anyone else experienced a problem like this?

Thanks for your time.

yes I've seen this happening the past couple of days. Appears to be last.fm responding very slowly and xbmc not being very nice in handling the slow response (being completely unresponsive).
Thanks for the reply, nice to know my setup is probably OK. I'll just sit tight and hopefully it will sort its self out one way or another. Do you think it is an architectural change with last.fm or just high load?
thinking its archetectural. as I can run a window client and lastFM works fine and fast.

But regardless LastFM still works. just slower. So wait up to 60 seconds for the next song. an annoyance, but not impossible.