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Full Version: No sound in xbmcbuntu
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OK, So I have xbmcbuntu installed but when i try to play a video i get an error that says failed to initialize audio device.
I have no sound on the menu either? Anyone know how to fix this.

I am not an expert, but I just wrestled with the same things. So I thought I would try to help...here is what I did to fix mine.

1. Go into System from the Main Menu
2. Go to the Sytem menu item (system again)
3. Go into 'Audio Output' configuration
3. Check that the device and driver settings are as they should be on this tab. i.e. If you are using HDMI make sure this set to HDMI. If not Optical/Coax, etc. Also, check you 'Speaker' configuration and make sure that the settings for the receiver are set correctly.

If that doesn't work you may need to double check your Bios setting making sure that the audio device is enabled properly