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Full Version: Stop video playback when returning to menus
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Hi this might be a simple question but I cant find the answer anywhere!

I am using XBMCbuntu with a FLIRC so I can use the apple tv remote. This is great except unlike on an actual apple tv, which stops the video when menu is pressed, the video keeps playing in the background when I press menu on the controller which is programmed to go back a level when menu is pressed, and there seems no way to stop the video other than going back in and on the OSD.

Is there a way to set it in xbmc so that if u enter any menu or go back to an info screen the video playing stops rather than continues in the backhround?

Many thanks
Cut and paste the following into a new text document called "keyboard.xml" and save it in userdata (wiki)/keymaps/


More neat tricks can be learned on these pages: Keyboard.xml (wiki) and HOW-TO:Modify keyboard.xml (wiki).