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Full Version: [RELEASE] IMDB Movie Scraper for Movies
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Official thread for the IMDB scraper.


Quote:IMDb - The most comprehensive and authoritative source of information on movies, TV and celebrities.

Site URL: www.imdb.com
Hi there,

Here is my situation.
I just setup WMP12 to be my UPNP server. Every thing is working great except that I can't get any movie artwork.
I tried almost every option in XBMC(eden) and still nothing.
Can someone shed some light as to what can be the problem?

Thank you.
Use the TMDB scraper to get movie covers
Where do I get this scraper? It's not listed in any of the repositories.
It is no more. Use the default TMDB or install the Universal Scraper and specify IMDB as the scraper site.