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Full Version: ATv Style Skin >> SiO2 <<
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FRODO - Official Repo (ATV2 GUI)
GOTHAM - Official Repo (ATV2 GUI)
KRYPTON - Official Repo (ATV4 GUI)

The Plan is to put the least amount of clicks between You and What You're willing to do (or watch).
  • Easy to navigate graphical HomeScreen
  • OnShelf navigation of Recently Added Movies or Recommended (started) Movies
  • OnShelf navigation of Recently Added Episodes or Recommended (next episode or started episode) Episodes
  • Abilty to have first OnShelf item reversed (most recent item in recommended view and viceversa)
  • Customizable Icons on HomeScreen can Include Addons - Scripts - Favourites
  • Addons shortucts OnShelf for Music - Addons - Pictures
  • OnShelf Weather Forecast + Temperature always updated on Weather Icon
  • FullScreen Weather Icons in dedicated page

Home Screen Light Theme:
Home Screen Dark Theme:
Home Page Customizer:

  • English
    • Italiano
      • Español
        • Français
          • Suomi
            • русский
              • Polski

Thanks to Pecinko for Quartz as a solid base.
Thanks to all the skin testers, especially to TOIVA, RELYTER, SCROLLING, LUCANOID, ABRASHER and his GIRLPOWER TESTING TEAM.
Looks nice to me! A black and white color scheme option would be interesting imho. Smile
Looks nice. Can't wait to see more.
Just watch out you wont get sued Big Grin
Smile Hope not!!
where did you find the apple tv icons? I've been looking for really good hi-rez ones and have come up empty.
I made them!! after googlin' for hours and even trying to pull 'em out of the ATV...

Good ol' Photoshop... what would my life be without you??!!

(2012-10-06, 20:09)fastcolors Wrote: [ -> ]I made them!! after googlin' for hours and even trying to pull 'em out of the ATV...

Good ol' Photoshop... what would my life be without you??!!


Nice work!

You would not be interested by any chance in joining forces and extending/improving Quartz?

have to say, I'm most impressed.
Could I convince you to share them?

and not to derail the topic but ... for what it's worth, I'm also in the process of moving Quartz forward.
Alot done so far but much more to accomplish. I'd be happy to reciprocate in the endeavor.

I've already gave a look at Quartz and I have a few ideas.
let me know how You want to work it out.

I'll start merging the code i got so far with Quartz and see what happens..........
I'm not sure I will have time to do any coding for at least a month but it would be nice if you guys could do a fork at GitHub. That way it would be easy to track changes and merge the code.


I'm sure you both have nice ideas and I love fastcolors' work so far.

some progress:



A few things I've been working on. Please note, they are all in progress. None [except the logos] are completely done.

Besides the new controls and couple of new views, I've been going through the code to [try] to make it more modular.
But the really important part [to me at least] is to have color be customization EVERYWHERE. Want green backgrounds? OK. How bout red filters behind text? No prob. Blue letters w/ orange dropshadows? Sure. The examples in the screen caps are the sliders.

1 more screenie

@ fastcolors... no prob. I completely understand considering the blood sweat and tears I've put in so far
I like your work.
even though I was going more for the "apple way" as in... not too many customizable options.. Wink
I'm working on modular too.

for me is all about how many clicks to get where you want to be, and what infos you can gather on the way..
I like quartz but it's too "Labely" .. I'd like (almost) everything to be "iconsy" and don't wanna end up with one of those extrafancy too heavy skins.

I'll probably be workin some more on the code and up some screens.