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Full Version: Setting up a signature, but where?
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I have been rummaging for a while, navigatingRofl in and out and everywhere within my control panel.

Admittedly, I could be blind, or worst, but for goodness sake, where can I do this, in these forums?

Please can anyone, be so kind as to assist me?

on the menu on the left, you should have this section:
Your Profile
-Edit Profile
--Change Password
--Change Email
--Change Avatar
--Change Signature

if the change signature option is missing, then most likely it's only available to users who've made a certain number of posts.
Thank you, I would swear that That last link was not there. Probably there was a limit in posts. It is done now.
yes, there is a required post limit
And there I was all night looking for it, all sorted.
maybe show the option but disable it?
because i searched for that quite a while too...
I agree with wuppi. What is the post count needed?
Just found out its 4
Ook, then I must post another post to see the option. ¬¬ Why this?
why this? To make it less attractive for spammers - that's all.
Can't believe I just Googled "xbmc forums signature" anyhow, glad I found this thread. Two more posts to go...
i didnt know it to Big Grin thanks for it
Well I'm glad I didn't waste any more time than I already did trying to find the option on my own. Thanks everyone!
post limit! now i know why!
(2014-04-10, 14:38)Gotham Wrote: [ -> ]post limit! now i know why!

+1 - just wasted an hour figuring this out Wink
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